Saturday, 11 August 2012


Hi , friends , i have been working on getting a website and finally i have one , so will be moving all my posts there and actively continue bringing you tips and tricks daily ,

The Site should totally be ready in about a month

Go to and click on TECH TIPS 

direct link there is

Thank you and hope to see you there

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Recieved An Email from yourself ?

today i received an e-mail from my myself , pretty weird huh ??? ,........

 i thought someone might have hacked my e-mail account,  so i researched on it and found out that there is nothing to be worried about if
** you check your " sent mails " folder and it doesnt indicate you sent such mail to yourself

and that spammers user a special software or so to make it look like you sent yourself that mail ,
if you receive such mail , simply delete it to be on the safer side ;-)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cloud Storage

i've been searching the internet for sometime now , to find the best file hosting site with an " easy on the eye" feature / look and so far i have been impressed with OPENDRIVE , i urge you all to try it out .

When i talk about FILE HOSTING , it simply means storing your files over the internet for later retrieval ,
"why should i store my files over the internet ?" you might ask , well one big advantage is , in case your computer or hard disk crashes , your files wouldn't be lost forever ,

Do try OPENDRIVE out and give me feedback

Sunday, 2 October 2011


what if you could carry your own Internet browser with you any and everywhere ????? ... Yesss !! thats possible with mozilla firefox , 

you can download and install Mozilla Firefox Portable onto your PenDrive / Storage Drive / External HDD and run it straight from it ! ...... Just visit And download Mozilla Firefox portable ..... I'm enjoying it crazy !!!!!!!! :-) , they can no longer force me to use internet explorer at the Internet cafes .... ENJOY !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So , you damaged your trackball or trackball sensor :(

  but that doesn't mean your Blackberry is useless now :)

 you can get the trackball or the trackball sensor fixed ...

but in case you are not ready to replace it yet , here are a few ways you can still use your Blackberry ....

1* Press the Call Button ( the BIG Green receiver button just below the left side of the Phone Screen )

2*Now press the Options Button ( the Blackberry Logo Button) and since you cant scroll up or down because of the damaged trackball , simply PRESS O for the Options to be highlighted and Press Enter.

3.* Now you will be seeing PHONE OPTIONS , and GENERAL OPTIONS is already highlighted , press ENTER to open the General Options

4.*Now in GENERAL OPTIONS , press ENTER to move to the next option or Press SPACE to change /Toggle the Current Option .

5.* Keep Hitting ENTER until you get to the DIAL FROM HOME SCREEN option and Press SPACE to change the YES to NO .... make sure it is changed to NO

6.* Now Press the RETURN button ( the one near the red END CALL button), the phone will ask you if you want to Save , Discard or Cancel .... Press S to Save , Press D to discard Changes , Press C to Cancel changes.

*****Now we are Ready to go , From the HOME SCREEN OF THE PHONE
                              PRESS M to go to Messages,
Now in Messages , Press Alt + I to display SIM Messages ,
                              Press U UNREAD Messages
                              Press P  to go to PREVIOUS messages
                              Press T to go to the TOP of the Messages
                              Press B to go to the BOTTOM of the Messages
                              Press V to view SAVED MESSAGES

                              Press B to Start WEB BROWSER

                              Press U to go to the CALCULATOR

                              Press T to go to TASKS

                              Press S to go to the SEARCH

                              Press D to go to the MEMO PAD

                              Press A OR C to go to CONTACTS
  From Contacts, Press BLACKBERRY Logo Button on keypad to pop up OPTIONS and Press S till u get to SIM PHONE BOOK and Press ENTER

                              Press K to go to LOCK Phone ( if password exists ) or from HOME SCREEN , hold * (star ) button

                              Press L to go to the CALENDER

Now this is my favourite Part ,
                   whenever you want to run certain applications that have no Shortcuts , example CAMERA , MEDIA , APPS etc, this is what you can do to start them

1. From HOME SCREEN press O to go to OPTIONS

2.At the OPTIONS Screen , Press S to take you to the SCREEN / KEYBOARD option


*now over here you can press the SPACE button to keep changing until you get to the Particular APP you want to use **OR**  you can press the First Letter of the APP you want , Example For Media , M so that the toggling jumps Straight to M and then press space to continue from there.

HOPE This Helps you Go around Your Non-Functioning or Malfunctioning Trackball , HAVE  A NICE DAY ! :)

Thursday, 11 August 2011


yes ! :) you can turn 1GB into 2GB !! , just tried it and its working !!!!


1. Insert your 1GB memory into your Phone / Memory Card Reader and connect to Pc

2. Check for and take note of the Drive letter of your memory Card ( E: , D: , F: etc )

3.Download this file >>>>​rkcv

4.Run the file and Choose the drive letter of your 1GB memory Card

5. Click " FIX " and thats it !!!! 1GB is now 2GB

*** NB::: its Memory Card and not PC memory :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011